Leah Hocking as Lotty Wilkins

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(Photography by Carol Rosegg)

An Enchanted April the musical


Book and Lyrics by Elizabeth Hansen

Music, Lyrics and arrangements by C. Michael Perry

based on the novel by Elizabeth Von Arnim

Appearing here under license from Hansen-Perry Productions

(For production by Professional Groups, College/University Groups, Community Groups. RIGHTS CURRENTLY RESTRICTED slightly -- please inquire if you are interested in this show. Leicester Bay Theatricals is acting as AGENT for this musical. It is not considered a PUBLISHED musical, but one that is "in-process".)

London, 1922.

It’s a rainy, miserable, dreary day in London and LOTTY WILKINS, a dowdy woman of about 30, is miserable and dreary in it. Longing for a respite from the rain, Lotty finds refuge in her women’s club where she happens upon an ad in the “Agony Column” of the London Times that reads: "To Those who Appreciate Wisteria and Sunshine. San Salvatore, a small medieval Italian castle on the shores of the Mediterranean to be let furnished for the month of April." Lotty longs to be basking in wisteria and sunshine and leave her drab life and tedious husband behind, if only for a month.

Lotty befriends ROSE ARBUTHNOT, a rigid, reserved and sad sort of woman also in her 30s, who yearns for a rest from her stifling duties and distant husband as much as Lotty. But they can’t possibly afford the castle by themselves, so they advertise for companions to share the expense. They find two other ladies: MRS. FISHER a formidable and disapproving woman in her 60s, who can’t possibly be pleased by anything or anyone; and LADY CAROLINE DESTER, a stunner of a woman, lost in the complexities of a changing world and it’s equally changing morés.

The four women agree to rent the castle for a month of blissful privacy. But, instead of bliss, San Salvatore offers stifling heat, suffocating wisteria, and annoying housemates. Except for Lotty, who embraces the beauty and magic immediately, and blooms from the mousey housewife, into a radiant, confident “seer of all things.” Wanting to share this “tub of love” she writes and invites her husband, MELLERSH, an ambitious solicitor, who eventually finds himself charmed, not only by “this place,” but by his wife.

Meanwhile, Rose is tormented by San Salvatore’s beauty, for it only reminds her of the rift between her and her husband, FREDERICK, a middle-aged writer of dirty books. She yearns for the love she used to have before she distanced herself from him after the loss of their only child. While on a book tour, Fredrick serendipitously arrives at San Salvatore to visit Lady Caroline, not even aware that Rose is at the castle.

Amid the blossoms of fragrant wisteria, the hazy heat and sensuous silence, Lotty innocently and lovingly guides each lady through and past their loveless lives to rediscover their hearts as Rose reunites with the husband she adores; Mrs. Fisher embraces the present, along with the love and kindness it affords, and lets go of her past; and Lady Caroline finds a soulmate who sees her for what she finally admits she is: a spoilt, sour, suspicious and selfish spinster, and loves her despite it.

In just a month, one short Enchanted April, the lives and hearts of four women are transfigured by wisteria...sunshine...and the magic of a small medieval castle.

The show is about the redemptive power of love and friendship; of believing in the people around us to be able to better their lives through introspection and through the confidence of our belief that they can be happier than they are.

Play Details

  • CAST: 5W 3M
  • LOTTY WILKINS - (early 30s) - in the beginning is a mousey, dowdy, though, becoming woman who is a "seer" of things. She is candid, sincere and guileless, so much so that it both intrigues, charms and annoys. It's her yearning for a respite from her dreary and loveless life that propels her toward the enchanted April where she blossoms into the confident, strong, desirable woman hidden beneath.
  • ROSE ARBUTHNOT - (mid-30s) - is a rigid, reserved and sad sort of woman constrained by restrictions and duties. She and her husband, whom she is unable to approach, have grown apart since the death of their only child. She longs for a bit of beauty in her life, a rest from her self-imposed obligations.
  • MRS. FISHER - (60s) - is a forthright and solid woman ensconced in a world of dark dusty old things and who is on the verge of being a "dusty old thing" herself. She does not "suffer fools gladly" and is intolerant of impertinence, idiocy and youth, and pines for a place she can sit and forget.
  • LADY CAROLINE DESTER - (late 20s) - a ravishing, yet melancholy beauty who has sustained her despondency with liquor and men, and only the liquor does she embrace. She is tired of her station, her life, her parents, her...everything and aches for a place she can ponder the existential questions facing her.
  • MELLERSH WILIKINS - (mid to late 30s) - is a handsome, distinguished an overbearing solicitor. Used to commanding his wife in all things, he has long since discounted her as a lost cause and had found an acceptable state of tolerance. Meticulous in his appearance and ambitious in nature, success and partnership is what he wants.
  • FREDERICK ARBUTHNOT - (early 40s) - is an amiable man hovering on the precipice of middle-age. With a slight paunch and kind face, he is confused by his current relationship with Rose and a bit baffled by her and her "causes." A successful author of lurid novels, Frederick misses his wife...the wife he remembers from their youth and wonders if she will ever return to him.
  • THOMAS BRIGGS - (early 30s) - is a respectable-looking, bespectacled, solitary man. Wealthy, but unassuming, is smitten with Rose upon their first meeting. Assuming she is a war-widow, he wishes for the family and home he's never had, and sees that possibility in Rose.
  • FRANCESCA - (50s) - is San Salvatore's housekeeper and cook. Long-suffering with visitors to Italy, she does her best to feed and understand these odd English people.

Unit setting representing several interiors and exteriors, both in England and Italy

1920's period costumes

Running Time -- Around 2:05

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Enchanted April
A Musical

Book and Lyrics by
Elizabeth Hansen

Music and Lyrics by
C. Michael Perry

(based on the novel by Elizabeth Von Arnim)

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