Critics Raved About The Off-Broadway Production

Aaron Phillips, Christiana Cole, Leah Hocking, Jim Stanek, Alma Cuervo, Gena Sims

Peter Filichia - Broadway Radio

"It was terrific.  It's one of the best shows that I've seen this year!"

"This version of Enchanted April is a tremendous success!" 

"This is in the category of "Golden Age" musical and let's consider that a compliment." 

Deb Miller - DC Metro Theatre Arts

"An Enchanted April, delivers the old-fashioned story in both dialogue and song, in a nostalgic production...that evokes the historic style of an operetta."

"The story leaves us with a feel-good message about the power of love, friendship, gratitude, and communication to change people’s lives for the better."

"An Enchanted April offers an engaging look at the situation of women during a transitional era in the early 20th century, with an uplifting reminder that the joys of life can overcome times of adversity."

Alix Cohen - Woman Around Town

"An Enchanted April’s gentle heart is unimpeachable."

"Collaborators Elizabeth Hansen and C. Michael Perry have manifest the story’s light-handed sensitivity and sentiment without treacle."

"The piece verges on operetta in the way Sondheim approached A Little Night Music. Every one of Perry’s attractive, supple melodies suits the moment.  Lyrics are both wonderfully literate and singable."

"Hansen’s book is deftly economic, offering just enough dialogue not to feel changes are abrupt, rendering each character distinctive."

Marc Miller - Off Off Online

"It’s light on its feet and pleasing to the ear."

The show is..."neat, well-rhymed, bountiful with waltzes, and refreshingly plot- and character-specific." 

"An Enchanted comfort food, constructed according to the old standards of literate dialogue, literate lyrics, and lush melody supported by chords that resolve naturally into one another."

Mark Kappel

"This story is told with a witty book, and music and lyrics that evoke the period in which the story takes place. There are some moments when you might think of a play by Chekov or even Sondheim’s A Little Night Music, however this version of An Enchanted April has much of its own to offer."

Darryl Reilly -

"Co-lyricists Elizabeth Hansen and composer C. Michael Perry’s score with its appealing melodies and artful lyrics recalls the manner of Jerry Herman."

"Ms. Hansen’s book is faithful to its derivation, has wit and dramatic heft." 

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Sometimes What Seems Impossible...Isn't!

Played a Limited Engagement November 1-16, 2019

Theatre Two @ Theatre Row

a production of

Thunder Media Group

Utah Lyric Opera

Who Played Whom!

LEAH HOCKING played Lotty Wilkins

ALMA CUERVO played Mrs. Fisher 

CHRISTIANA COLE played Rose Arbuthnot 

GENA SIMS played Lady Caroline Dester 

JIM STANEK played Mellersh Wilkins

AARON PHILLIPS played Frederick Arbuthno

PETER REID LAMBERT played Thomas Briggs

MELODY MEEKS PUTNAM played Francesca

All photos on this page are from the 

NYC performances at Theatre Row 

Photography by Carol Rosegg

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Story, Time, Place

Story, Time, Place

The Book, Lyrics, and Music were written by Elizabeth Hansen and 

C. Michael Perry. 


Story, Time, Place

Story, Time, Place

Story, Time, Place

Feel the magic come alive as the music and story carry you off to a 

medieval castle in Italy.


Words and Music

Story, Time, Place

Words and Music

Read the script 

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Listen to the songs.

The characters, the setting.


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Word of Mouth

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Word of Mouth

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